Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30 – Moving into the Happy Hearts Kindergarten

In the past 3 months we’ve been building a kindergarten donated by Happy Hearts Fund. Since Friday – we are busy moving the old kindergarten classes (our smallest kids were studying in a tent) into a beautiful new building.

Installing a blackboard for the Kindergarten 
Helping move in

We are still working on the kindergarten surroundings in order to make it even more beautiful before the official inauguration.

In the new Kindergarten

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17 - Kite Workshops and Kite Festival

In the past couple of weeks the entire village has been…..making kites! Kites are a Haitian tradition around Easter. Winds are high and before the rain season conditions are optimal. So - Prodev in partnership with Voila decided to organize a kite festival in the village with a competition for best looking and flying kite.
We had several workshops after school hours in which young people from the village showed children how to build kites. Nearly 50 people registered in advance to participate in the kite competition. 

Paper kite preparation workshop

Wood kite preparation workshop

Kites prepared in advance

Preparing for Festival

On the day of the festival people of all ages came to watch the kites, cheer their family members and participate in a fun community day.

People of all ages participated

Kites in the sky

Cheering the winner