Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This year Santa came to visit...Christmas 2012

Christmas was a huge celebration this year at Zoranje. Thanks to the great contribution Happy Hearts foundation and some other friends sent the children from the village.
We managed to collect a grand total of 1300 gifts !!! can you imagine the excitement?
The people in the community were very happy they will be able to give the children presents for the holidays and to show their appriciation they organised a Christmas party with songs dance and SANTA at the community center.
It was a real joy!! Children in their best cloths gathered at the community center and enjoyed the performances. Thank you happy hearts foundation and all the people who think about the children and want to provide for them when its possible, thank you for your involvement and your efforts.

environment day at Ecolle Nouvel Zoranje

Some great activities are happening in our school besides regular learning in class. For example a few weeks ago we had environment day celebration in the school .We wanted to raise awareness to the environment with in the school children and create an action that will have an effect on the village.
We set out to parade with all of the children from 1st to 6th grades protesting for cleanliness in the village! It was a beautiful site! about 400 students marching together singing songs for promoting a clean environment, the teachers were there and some young volunteers from the village too. Every body had traditional Haitian straw hats to protect from the hot sun,

After the parade we came back to the school and each class had an area they were cleaning in the school yard. We ended the day with a special lunch - We all had a great time and got involved in looking after the environment.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wave computer programm in our new computer lab

We have already shared the wonderful pictures from our computer course for children, the program that was  created by WAVEPLACE  promote deep understanding, creative problem solving  through acquiring computer skills.By now we have already completed 3 courses giving a total of over 60 children that participated. The news we want to share on this post is that we had opened a computer lab, that was donated to the project with the great generosity of VOILA FOUNDATION.
The course lasts 6 weeks, and at the end of each course the parents are invited to see what the children had done the past 4 weeks. This brings a lot of pride and happiness to the parents the children and the staff running this program.  Take a look :

The students in the new computer lab donated by Voila

Lesson in action

The children write stories and animate them on e-toys program

This is the 'end of cours' celebration, family members are invited to see what we have done

A student showing his father the work he has done

a student showing her grandmother how to take a picture with the computer

One of the students presenting the story she wrote and animated.
This great achievement would have never been realized if not for our great team of  local Monitors who are doing a great job in running the course, Thank you; Oberjo, Maeva, James and Alain!