Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lourie Zoranje Community Centre Library!

Lourie Zoranje Community Centre Library opens!

We are thrilled to announce that the library, with a newly painted decorative mural, is now officially open to the Zoranje public. Zoranje community residents can now access books on a range of subjects including photography, social and physical science, biography, sports, and adventure in French, Creole, and English. Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and a host of children’s books for different ages also line the shelves.

Zoranje School students take advantage of new library at Lourie Zoranje Community Centre

The Lourie Zoranje Community Centre complements the mission of the Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje by providing an additional place for further learning for children and youth in the Zoranje community.

With the Waveplace program, students at the Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje make daily trips to the Community Centre computer lab to acquire basic computer skills and learn computer animation. Now, with the new Community Centre library officially open, students are coming to the Centre for scheduled reading sessions with their teacher.

Students are able to browse the library’s selection and check out books they don’t usually have access to. “The students really enjoy reading books at the library as part of their school schedule,” said librarian Maguene Bony.