Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27 – Computer Program – end of first course

During the last 6 weeks, the student participants of our computer program had a daily lesson. Two weeks out of the program were dedicated to story telling and story writing. Each young student designed their characters and scenes then drew them on the computer. Most of the kids added animation and movement into their stories. We spent one week learning about the internet and various popular uses for it. Each participant now has his own email account.
One page from a story

For some of the kids this was the first time they used a computer, The progress made between the first lesson (how to hold a mouse, how to open and shutdown the computer) and today’s final class is remarkable.
Today, each one of the kids got a chance to show his/her parents what they did and learned. All the parents came and we had a wonderful, exciting and proud afternoon.
Each kid is showing his work

Selected stories were shown to the entire audience

The program is not over. Our second group of kids will start next week.
We would also like to mention 3 local young teachers who are teaching the program to the students. Berjou, Alain and James are doing a wonderful job and we are very happy to have them on our team!
Handing out certificates to the graduates

Explaining about Etoys

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7 – MOJIVAR

During the summer break the school still holds afternoon activities for the community  we have computer and English classes, some people come to use the wi fi internet and others play basketball or just sit around to talk to each other in the nice afternoon breeze.  A very special group of young people have come up with a plan to make a ‘young peoples association’ because they understand that they will find greater action when working together as a team. They name their association MOJIVAR.
Mojivar association celebrated its becoming today by organizing a cultural evening for the village community. The show included singing, theatre and dance pieces performed by talented young from the village and some guests from the nearby villages. The initiative, preparation and execution were beautifully done and everyone had a wonderful afternoon.