Sunday, October 30, 2011

The opening of the 2011-2012 school Year

We are happy to tell you that 3 weeks ago we opened the new school year!

Mdm.Beljean is helping the excited children find their way to the classroom
Our school who is just one year old has grown tremendously in this past year. If you followed us from the beginning you would know that we started with a fundamental school and 3 kindergarten classes - some were under tents, total of children came to 330. This year we have  a separate building for Kindergarten and 4 kindergarten classes, we have 13 fundamental classes and we have opened a middle school for 7th and 8th grades which will gradually grow to the older classes, a total of 500 students.

Mdm. Merieuse welcoming her new students, Grand section kindergarten

First day ceremony at the new Bonita-JDC Ecole nouvell Zorange, middle school
 The school now has a new structure for a Cafeteria and Prodev has joined forces with the BND food program that provides our kitchen with food for the children. Energising cereal bar for breakfast and a cooked lunch.
Kitchen staff working vigorously from 6:00 AM to have the food ready in time

In the compound we now employ 33 teachers, 3 directors, 2 assistant directors, 1 secretary, and 17 supporting staff such as security, gardening, cleaning, kitchen... This comes to 50 people who find employment in the school.

6th grade class
The children's smiles fill the school with hope and positivity - a gaze into a possibility of a different reality.

Mdm.Roucourt Prodevs' Pedagogical Director is welcoming the students and explaining the rules and regulations on first day of school

Brake time
Ecole Nouvell Zoranje wishes students and all over the world an enlightening school year !

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Voila embraces the people of Zoranje

Voila foundation is showing great commitment partnering with Prodev and embracing the community of Zoranje. On the 18th of September the Voila Foundation sponsored and participated in the project of data collection and I.D card production for the community of Zoranje.  This was done with full cooperation of the village committee and Young volunteers from the village that went from “door to door” to collect the data.

Volunteers from the village going 'door to door' to register the population

 We managed to get over 2000 listings.  On Sunday  the 18th of September I.D cards were distributed to the community together with a special present  to each resident; a cellular phone to any one over the age of 16.

Briefing Volunteers before the day begins

Volunteers from Voila came to Zoranje to distribute the phones, the process was carefully planned in advance by Prodev and Voila teams

This day was carefully planned and executed by the Voila and Prodev teams with volunteers from both sides. The people of Zoranje were extremely happy to get a new phone or for some people their first phone ever! Voila also catered for food and entertainment on this successful day of outreach to the community.